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Color Management

Graphic Editing
A Color Management System allows achieving a good color match between the monitor screen and the printing machine. Each device on the desktop (scanner, monitor, and printer) has a specific profile and color space according to the standards. A Color Management System provides a cross-platform to make compatible the color spaces of different devices.

Artmedia Studio applies a Color Management System with two objectives: control the conversion of color representations and get the best color correspondence among the desktop devices.

Monitor calibration

Calibrating the devices (scanner, monitor, and printer) is the first step of the color management process. Calibration emulates the color spectrum of the sun on all of them. At Artmedia Studio, we calibrate the devices to match the representations of colors according to the standards.

Monitor calibration requires a colorimeter and calibration software compatible with the specific computer to be used. Only a calibrated monitor can represent approximately the colors of the final print.

We offer the calibration service for your monitor.

Color Management

Calibrate your monitor to integrate into our color management system that adheres to the ICC Standards so that you have a color match between your monitor and the printer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ICC profile in Color management?

In color management, an ICC profile is a set of data. According to standards defined by the International Color Consortium (ICC), it characterizes a color input or output device or a color space. An ICC profile must be applied to every device that captures or displays color.

What is the purpose of color management?

The purpose of applying the color management program is to guarantee the correct reproduction of colors across all devices. For example, a computer LED monitor’s colors should be the same as the printed product.

What does a color ICC profile do for printing?

The color ICC profile matches the printing machine with a specific substrate (paper) according to the standards. It helps to get the correct color reproduction in printing.

What is a monitor ICC profile?

It’s a file created for your monitor to achieve color and represent it according to the standards.

How do I create an ICC profile?

A color ICC profile requires a profiling package. It includes special programs to create color management profiles using a spectrophotometer and colorimeter tools.

What is a colorimeter?

It’s a device that uses three or more filters to produce, regarding a color, a response similar to the eye. It is applied to image displays for calibrating colors.
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