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A special edition is a series of prints of the same image or a group of images. Special editions and Portfolio prints share the characteristic of being composed of a group of prints.

Special Editions

Artmedia Studio produces special print editions according to customer requests for selling or gifting. We understand that contemporary marketing concepts require a fresh, direct, and sophisticated approach.

Box Options

Apart from framing photographs and graphic works, we offer archival boxes. A made-to-measure box is the required container to protect each piece by providing an acid-free environment. This kind of box prevents the deterioration of prints due to the action of light and moisture.

Portfolio Prints

In photography and other artistic practices based on print products, the excellent presentation of a portfolio rests on the best quality of scanning, retouching, and printing processes.

A portfolio is a resource for presenting artworks to curators, gallery owners, and other art world agents for dissemination and promotion.

Editions & Portfolios

Come to ArtMedia to get special editions for selling, gifting, or printing your portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an edition?

The term edition is used in diverse circumstances and with close meanings. We use this term alone or combined with others in different printing situations.

Is Special Edition the same as Limited Edition?

Limited Edition refers to making a specific number of prints, no more or less than the fixed limit. Among other print products, It is applied to archival artworks. A Special Edition may be produced for a limited time and be just without a specific limitation of prints.

What is the market price difference between Limited Edition and Special Edition Prints?

Limited Print Editions are commonly composed of short editions with higher prices than Special Print Editions. Artworks can integrate both, but with different conceptions about how to sell them in every case.

How many copies of a print artwork should a limited print edition have?

There is not a fixed amount of copies in a limited edition of a print artwork. However, a limited edition is, generally, a short edition. It depends on many factors, such as the artwork’s uniqueness, the artist’s trajectory, and the price expected for selling.

Why have an excellent printed portfolio?

A portfolio has a social use because it is prepared to be shown to curators, critics, customers, etc., and sometimes can also be ready for exhibition. An excellent printed portfolio presents your best face as a creator.

In the photographic art market, have FineArt prints less value than gelatin silver prints?

Commonly, prints on gelatin silver papers are demanded for negatives produced with analog technique, not for recent digital pictures. Estimated monetary worth depends not on the artwork’s support characteristics but its artistic value.
Gady Alroy

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