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Digital EditingDigital Editing

Digital Editing

Graphic Editing
Digital Editing
The purpose of the digital editing process is to assist you in achieving your ideal vision. The collaboration between you and our expert is a crucial and indispensable requisite. Our specialization is bringing your concept to fruition and converting your original digital file into a high-quality image.


Photo-montage or digital montage is intended to create a new image using other images and fragments or areas. At Artmedia Studio, you satisfy your artistic purposes and needs with an ample range of features and effects. Besides, we provide corporate and business customers with stunning advertising and products based on this technique.


The silhouetting technique allows you to separate an element from its original background to tweak and export it individually to a different one. With this technique, you can also mask an object, remove it, change it for another, and modify its color, among other options.

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Digital photo restoration is a process addressed to recover photos from the past. You can bring to the present your memories with the photo restoration process, but it is also helpful for individuals or institutions dedicated to preserving cultural memory.

At Artmedia Studio, we reconstruct a physically damaged or lost-color photo without colorizing it artificially. After finishing the photo restoration process, you will have a digital image with new features according to the original one.

Digital Editing

Bring your concepts to life with a digitally edited image without leaving traces of image manipulation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of digital editing?

To get an image that satisfies the artist’s vision or the customer’s expectations.
For achieving that, we manipulate an image in terms of color (or montage, silhouetting, or restoration) and leave no trace of the touch-up.

What is the price of Digital Editing?

The price is calculated per hour. The fee is $150.00 per hour.

Is image editing a skill?

Yes, because image editing is a technical process that requires the knowledge of specialized programs and cultural comprehension of the image to treat. It also requires a trained sensibility to understand the complexity of the editing procedures.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is determined by the number of images and the treatment required for each one.

Turnaround time does not include weekends or holidays, and your project is processed when ArtMedia receives your digital files.

How are the files delivered to me?

We will deliver to you your digital files through Wetransfer or Dropbox.
Alternatively, we can transfer your digital files into a storage device such as a USB or portable hard drive provided by you, or we can provide storage media at an additional cost.

How do you know if a photo is manipulated?

You know if an image has been manipulated when you see a lousy retouch.

Another way is when you see the before and after the manipulation contrasting the original print versus the final copy. Good retouching doesn’t leave traces.
Gady Alroy

Have a question that is not listed?

We invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialist.

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