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The print proof is the base of the final press running in offset print and other printing processes. It represents the mutual agreement between the customer and the printer.
The print proof serves as a verification tool for color accuracy to help the customer and printer check the color balance, registration, and other aspects of the job. Artmedia Studio produces print proofs considering the customer requirements and vision.

We make print proofs for fine art print and digital printing produced in our studio. Besides, we prepare them for outside offset printers.

Print Proof

Ensure the correct reproduction of colors in your print before the final press run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Print Proof in printing?

A Print proof is a copy-print in a small or custom format that serves as an agreement between customer and printer.

What is the function of the Print Proof?

  • To verify if the colors that come out in the proof are the desired colors or need a new adjustment.
  • To be a reference for the final print. 

What is the price of the Print Proof?

The price is determined by the number of images and their sizes.

The minimum area to print for contract proofs is 40 x 20 inches, with a cost of $100.00. This area includes several images.

Turnaround Time

The amount of print proofs determines turnaround time.
Turnaround time does not include weekends or holidays, and your project is processed when ArtMedia receives your digital files.

What is the function of the color bar?

A color bar is a strip on printed material that shows a range of colors in the print process. It is usually placed next to the image to ensure the correct reproduction of colors by serving as a test target to measure print and proof attributes.

What is offset print?

To print larger quantities is necessary to use offset print because this is a system print whose presses run quickly and efficiently. Offset print can provide accurate color reproduction and professional-looking printing.
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