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Raw ProcessingRaw Processing

Raw Processing

Graphic Editing
Raw Digital Development (FFF, CR2, ARW, DNG, NEF, etc.) is the essential process of digital photography. It can ensure the best results when addressing professional programs like Flex Color or Capture One. This process provides you with the latest guidelines while adding values to a particular file.

Digital image treatment

At Artmedia Studio, we optimize your original picture’s density of gamma values without compromising its colors. Your creative intentions determine the kind of exploration we apply according to the attributes and characteristics of your image.

Raw Processing

Process your raw files into optimized digital images preserving every detail while rendering the original colors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RAW File?

A Raw file is the raw data captured by your camera sensor. A Raw file allows us to adjust the process of the raw data and apply adjustments that coincide with the photographer’s vision.

What is the price of processing raw images?

Pricing depends on the desired size for printing and file size.
$0.50 by MB (Megabyte)

Can a JPG be processed like a Raw file?

A JPG is a compressed image that has lost quality in the process of compression. However, it’s possible to process it like a Raw file but with limitations because it doesn’t have the same dynamic range.
We can re-process your JPG image through specialized programs and apply image treatments to enhance them.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is determined by the number of images and digital file size and complexity of the treatment of each one.

Turnaround time does not include weekends or holidays, and your project is processed when ArtMedia receives your digital files.

Rush processing is available at an additional cost.

How are the files delivered to me?

We will deliver to you your digital files through Wetransfer or Dropbox.
Alternatively, we can transfer your digital files into a storage device such as a USB or portable hard drive provided by you, or we can provide storage media at an additional cost.

What is the biggest size that a raw file can achieve?

The size of the raw file depends on the sensor and megapixels of your camera and the treatment applied with processing programs to enlarge it.
Gady Alroy

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