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Artmedia Studio can provide artists, collectors, art logistic companies, and institutions with services of reproduction and digitization of artworks and other visual products, guaranteeing color accuracy and complying with guidelines required by art auction houses, galleries, and museums.

Understanding the process

Whether it's a two-dimensional painting, lithograph, graphic work, or a three-dimensional sculpture or installation, we are prepared to capture and render your artwork realistically.

We rely on precise strobe lighting, prime lenses, and our expertise in managing color rendition.

Description of the process

  • Analyze room lighting and space dimensions
  • Set up a photo studio on-site, equipped with a high-resolution camera, studio lighting equipment, and calibrated devices
  • Capture images with a color correction specialist on-site to deliver precise color accuracy and ensure optimal print reproduction
  • Raw processing with 400 dpi high-resolution output files
  • Delivery of files and optional color proofs to guarantee color accuracy with a physical print
  • You will be able to use your files for printing and digital medium


Reproduce your artwork or visual product into a digital image through a professional photographic process.

Order Photo-Reproduction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an art reproduction?

The Photo-Reproduction service uses specialized equipment and a photographic process to reproduce large format artwork that does not fit in a traditional High-End scanner, while still benefiting from similar results.

Through the service of Raw processing, ArtMedia will provide you with a calibrated digital file that matches the original in detail and color.

If desired, you can then use our Fine-Art Print service to print the digital image into a one-to-one replica of the original.

Does the Photo-Reproduction Service include Raw Processing?

Yes, Photo-Reproduction and Raw processing is a combined service, necessary for achieving the final result in color and quality.

Is it mandatory to use the Color Separation Guide when reproducing an artwork?

Yes. With that guide, we can accurately reproduce the actual colors of the piece.

How does ArtMedia ensure a color match between the original and the reproduction?

After taking the photo with the Color Separation Guide, we then process the raw file, comparing it with the artwork on-site to get the perfect matching color.

Do I have to bring my art pieces to your studio for making photo reproductions?

Not necessarily. That can be an option, but we also go to your space to take the photo reproductions according to negotiated conditions.

Does ArtMedia need to correct the colors after the photo reproduction?

Yes, raw processing is essential for achieving accurate colors in photo reproduction.
Gady Alroy

Have a question that is not listed?

We invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialist.

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