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Folded Assets


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Product Options Explained

Fold Type: Available options are Half Fold, Tri Fold, Z Fold, Four Panel Accordion, Gate Fold and French Fold.

Size: Final cut dimensions of the printed item.

Quantity: According to the chosen Fold Type and Size, there are minimum quantities to be printed. However, you can increase that figure to whatever quantity you need.

Paper Weight: A Cover weight paper is usually thick and strong, similar in touch to cardstock. Text weight paper, on the hand, is thinner and similar to magazine paper.

Paper Stock: This relates to surface finish of the paper. Coated stock is shiny and glares under light. Matte and Uncoated papers are dull and Satin is somewhat between Glossy and Matte.

Sides to print: Folded Assets are always printed on both sides.

Front Side/Back Side File Upload: You will need to upload two files.

Finish: This relates to a protective layer of lamination. Choose between a Glossy (shiny) or Matte (dull) laminate or no finish at all.

Turnaround: Standard turnaround is 5 Business Days. There are other options that come with an added cost.

File Upload

Once the order is completed, the last step is to upload the file(s). This option will be available through a button that appears upon completion and payment of the order.

File Specifications

PDF/X: We follow a PDF workflow. Therefore, you should submit files that are compliant with at least PDF/X-1a:2001, an ISO standard for the exchange of graphic content. Doing so, you rule out any possibility of missing fonts or images. All PDF files need to include bleed, but there is no need to include registration or cut marks.

Bleed: Should be at least 1/8 of an inch or 3 millimeters.

Color space: All elements in your design should be in CMYK. No RGB colors should be used anywhere on the document, including all bitmap images and vector graphics.

Resolution for Printing: 300 DPI is the suggested minimum resolution for all bitmap images in your document.

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