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High-End Scanning

Imacon-Hasselblad technology (virtual drum scanner, 8000 dpi optical) ensures to deliver images in good quality without interpolation.


These units govern all input for width and height coming up below.

Product Options Explained

Measurement units:  Choose between Inches and Centimeters. Your choice will apply to all Width and Height fields on the form.

Type of Original:  High-end Scanning always involves some kind of physical original, either a transparency or an opaque. In the case of Transparencies, choose from the select field the type of transparency. In the case of an Opaque, you will need to enter dimensions for both width and height. Keep in mind that max-width is 11.61 inches or 29.5 centimeters and max-height is 8.07 inches or 20.5 centimeters. The chosen measurement units will apply.

Final Scan Width and Height:  These are the dimensions of the final output after scanning. The chosen measurement units will apply.

Scan Resolution:  This is the resolution of the final scanned file. We offer three choices: 200 dpi, 300 dpi and 400 dpi.

Quantity: If Quantity is more than one, means that you are submitting equal number of originals of the same type to be scanned all at the same Final Scan Width and Height.

Turnaround: Standard turnaround for scanning jobs is 5 Business Days.


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Didn't find the configuration you were looking for? We are happy to provide you with a more custom option.

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