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A portfolio is a collection or group of works commonly connected by their conception or theme in photography and visual arts. It could also be called a body of work or a series. When the artist feels the need to seek advice and assurance from another professional or wants to show a body of work for promoting it, the meeting between the artist and the consultant is called a portfolio review. A portfolio review can also be a consulting session about various art series.

At Artmedia Studio, we provide a portfolio review service, whose first purpose is that you can make the most of the consultant experience. We suggest you come to a portfolio review well prepared,

  • with your work (or several bodies of work) conveniently organized physically or digitally,
  • able to express the expectations you want to accomplish with the meeting,
  • willing to answer any question the consultant can ask you, and
  • open to the feedback you will receive.

We will provide you with a respectful but honest, well-articulated, and argued comment about your work.

Our consultant dedicates two hours to every portfolio review session. This duration is an average time to give a highly effective service to the requester. Our service has a fair rate according to the national standards

Right now, you can call and schedule your portfolio review. Schedule an appointment, in Spanish or English.

Portafolio Review

Bring your body of work for consulting with a qualified professional that provides honest feedback and advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the Portfolio Review?

The cost of a Portfolio Review is $300.00. Additional time until one hour has an additional fee of $150.00.

How long is a Portfolio Review?

The average time is two hours because the Portfolio Review is based on the deeper interlocution between the reviewer and the artist whose work is reviewed.

What is the language to use in the session?

According to the requester’s interest, the session will be in English or Spanish.

How do I make a portfolio with no experience?

You can organize your work by themes, working periods, ideas and concepts, or any criterion that can serve you to create a group of photographs or different groups.

What should I bring to the Portfolio Review?

You should bring your work as organized as possible to facilitate the communication necessary to guide your next steps.

What are the benefits of a Portfolio Review?

The portfolio review is a working session that will provide you with the tools required to improve your body of work and even develop a strategy for its exhibition and circulation.

Have a question that is not listed?

We invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialist.

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