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Book Editing

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Artmedia Studio offers professional book editing services to individuals, institutions, and other entities in a wide range of subjects and purposes.

We accept your book project regardless of its development stage and transform it into a top-quality edited book, even if you're in the initial phase with an idea or motivation.

Evaluation of the Project or Proposal

You may request a working session to evaluate your project or proposal for editing a personal, collective, or institutional book and provide the whole or part of the visual and written material you want to include in the book at this meeting. You can even present only a sketched work plan, an idea, or motivation.

The reviewer will provide the required information and expert opinion about three fundamental points: first, the development stage of your project or proposal; second, the level you have achieved according to your objectives and aims; and third, other aspects necessary to define the new steps to follow.

Work Plan

A work plan results from the proper evaluation of a project or proposal. According to this evaluation, the reviewer should help the requester define the following steps. The principal objective of a work plan is to ensure the most successful development of the project.

Always specific and personal, a work plan is only related to the characteristics of a concrete project. However, there are some general steps —or methodological sequences— to follow when preparing a work plan.

Work Plan Steps

If you only have an idea or motivation, you may work under our advice to create and gather the series of photographs to incorporate in the book. After achieving this end, as well as if you have an advanced project, you could follow these steps:

  1. Final editorial selection and definition of the visual discourse;
  2. Specifications and wording of textual components to include in the book: title, acknowledgments, table of contents, critical essays, biographies, captions of photographs, and other texts according to the project;
  3. Proofreading documents;
  4. Ideas for the book design.

Digital image processing and correction can run parallel to the preceding steps:

  1. Design;
  2. Final documents for printing;
  3. Print proof.

Schedule of Work Plan Activities

For book editing, we organize work plan steps as a procedural program. It indicates the time and sequence of each step according to the specific characteristics of the projected book. As a timetable, the schedule of work plan activities is an indispensable tool to optimize —or maximize the efficiency of— the book editing process.

Book Editing

Transform your book project into a top-quality edited book regardless of its current development stage.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to edit a book?

It depends on every project’s characteristics and covers the whole book process from conception to print production.

Why should I look for a book editor?

Every book should satisfy cultural rules and professional characteristics known as editing work. The editor is the professional who takes your objectives and desires to develop your dream book in a constant interrelation with you.

What are the functions of the editor?

To summarize the functions: 

  • Participating in the conception and definition of the book’s contents
  • Organizing the contents according to editorial rules
  • Checking the design
  • Checking the print process

At least, the 1st to 3rd functions are obligatory. The designer can assume the 4th function.

What kind of material do you edit?

I have edited books and magazines. In Caracas, Venezuela, from 1996 to 2006, I edited ExtraCámara magazine, devoted to photography. Currently, I am co-editor of About Images, an Award-winning Newsletter published by ArtMedia Gallery in Miami. I have also edited several books. I am particularly committed to art and photography books.

What is the relationship between edition and printing?

Edition and printing could be related in the highest grade. Professional editing needs a good printing process to optimize the book’s quality. Book editing work can orient you on how to reach the best product.

How long will editing take?

Every book has its particular schedule. The editor can propose a possible plan for the editing process when knowing well the desired product and having complete comprehension of its contents. This plan is part of the editing process.
José Antonio Navarrete

Have a question that is not listed?

We invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialist.

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