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It is an undisputed fact that most of the web traffic today is generated from mobile devices, and within that category mainly from smartphones. This trend has motivated Google to implement a new way of indexing and ranking search results based primarily on mobile versions of a site’s content instead of the usual crawling of desktop versions. At Artmedia, we help you to prepare for this new situation.

Also called a responsive site because it works on mobile, tablet, and computer, a mobile-first site favors your website's ranking. We build responsive sites with Bootstrap 4, the most popular mobile-first framework. Besides, we use Typo3 or WordPress as open-source content-management systems. These tools offer a very user-friendly solution for all your web needs.

Web design

Web design is a branch of design that arranges different skills and disciplines to produce and maintain a website. The standpoint of web design is technological. Its primary requirement is usability. Areas directly related to this requirement are interface design; authoring issues such as standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. However, graphic design and multimedia arts proffer visual resources necessary to create a good-looking and seductive webpage.
The notion of branding is fully applicable to web design as a tool aimed at creating a public image for your company, product, etc.


A website must satisfy two primary requisites to communicate its contents directly, clearly, and efficiently. Firstly, it should have a precise, pointed, and concise enunciation of every entry of the menu. Secondly, the wording of the contents should accomplish the readability that is indispensable for giving adequate information to users and increasing the website's visibility into the web traffic.

 At artmedia Studio, we offer:

  • our advisory services to help you to define the keywords you need on your webpage,
  • proofreading for texts previously written or
  • professional and high-quality writing services following customer requirements.


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process maximizes the number of visitors to a specific website. It ensures that the site appears high in the ranking of results returned by any search engine. We help you to boost the quality and quantity of your website traffic using the SEO Driven Copywriting or SEO Writing. It refers to the writing resources included in the SEO process.

Remember that today, better positioning of your website implies the expansion of your voice.

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