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Fine Art PrintingFine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing

Gady Alroy examining a fine art print through a thread counter magnifying glass.

Fine-Art Print Services are the core of ArtMedia Studio. We provide you with a high-quality museum print based on face-to-face interaction. Accomplishing your vision is the objective of our step-by-step working method.

ArtMedia Studio is accredited as both a Certified Studio for Digital Fine-Art Print by Hahnemühle and a Certified Print Lab by Canson Infinity. We are proud of these recognitions and committed to satisfying their expectations.

We also dispense various services such as special print editions, portfolio printing, and customized print pieces of art for interior design.


Archival Fine Art Prints

The fine-art print process —also called giclée— is mainly used for printing works of art such as photographs, illustrations, and digital creations. It is a high-resolution digital technique based on a combination of pigment inks and archival papers.

We offer a museum-quality print highly accepted by artists and international museums. In the current technological conditions, a fine art print might reach a lifespan of several hundred years if preserved and treated as a work of art.

Printing Recommendations

Whatever image you bring to Artmedia Studio can be processed to optimize the file and achieve the best possible printing result. To this respect, we should consider: high-end scanning image or digital image in RAW format; digital image size according to the size of the print and at least 400 dpi resolution; Adobe RGB 1998 color space; File saved in TIFF format.

Color Management

Our Color Management System delivers color accuracy and the highest print quality resolution. We calibrate each paper or substrate creating its specific profile according to the previously assigned type of ink.


Personalized Attention

A fluid face-to-face interaction between the customer and the expert is indispensable in image processing. Our technological platform also allows for efficient remote interaction with artists and customers. Our service can reach the most accurate level as long as you have a calibrated computer screen at your site.

Evaluation of Images

We evaluate the technical conditions of digital or analog images with the artist. This evaluation considers the characteristics of pictures such as size, resolution, quality level, and state of preservation. This process is crucial to jointly plan the adequate strategies to carry out the final production of the image.

Artistic Vision

We produce the exact vision the artist has conceived because of our expertise and engagement. Our purpose is to fulfill the artist’s expectations and highlight the artwork. For accomplishing it, the artist should be in direct contact with the digital image expert during the working process.

Paper Choice

Printing papers (or substrates) have a great variety. We use substrates with museum-grade quality: acid-free, with anti-fungus treatment and high luminosities capable of guaranteeing the maximum gamut of color.

We can recommend the best paper choices for your artwork.

See: Substrates

Print Proofs

We make small prints before the final one to verify if we reached the color and artist’s expression. If the artist has a series, we also work, if needed, on the unification of color tones.

Digigraphie by Epson Logo

A Label of Excellence

Digigraphie is a certified label of excellence that meets strict criteria and is recognized globally in the art community. It is based in the use of Epson’s large format printers and pigment inks that allows higher levels of reliability and quality in the Archival Fine Art Print process.

Artmedia Studio is a member of the Digigraphie Provider network composed of renowned professional laboratories and lithography studios.

Fine-Art Print

Preserve your artwork for several hundred years with a high-quality museum print.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which ink is considered to be archival quality?

When ink is based on natural pigments (pigment ink) and not on alcohol (dye ink) or solvents (eco-solvent ink), it is archival quality ink. The permanence (lifespan) of dye or eco-solvent inks is constantly improving; however, most printers recommend using pigment inks when creating archival inkjet fine art print editions because they guarantee prints with high durability.

How long will archival ink last?

Under current technical conditions, pigment inkjet prints on archival quality paper could last for 75 - 400+ years without visible fading, depending on the quality of framing and the conservation conditions. However, this calculation could increase according to future advancements in conservation.

How do I preserve printed photos?

There are several basic recommendations for preserving printed photos:

  • Keep prints always out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Consider cold (or cool) storage
  • Choose the proper album for storage, preferably free of acid
  • Don't bind photos with office equipment
  • Use shoeboxes for archive or photo-friendly containers, preferably free of acid
  • If the print is framed, observe the recommendations suggested in answer to the following question

How do I protect a framed print?

Conservation always implies protection, and framing could be a way to protect a print when considering specific recommendations such as:

  • Use acrylic plastic or glass with UV protection
  • Use a window mat or spacer to avoid the impression has direct contact with the glass or plexiglass at framing
  • A window mat is an additional protection for stored prints
  • Use free acid materials

How are prints shipped?

We prevent any damage during shipping with professional packing care and archival materials. There are two ways prints are packaged:

  1. Put glassine paper on top of each work, roll them, and place them inside a high resistance tube covered with water-protective plastic.
  2. Cover each print with glassine paper, put them between two hard-cardboards, and place the wrapper into a box with bubble wraps.

During packing, we take photos and videos to document the perfect conditions of the prints before delivery.

What if a print is damaged during shipping?

All packages are labeled with special handling instructions and shipped via USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number for following their route. Please, keep all original packaging and materials that arrived with the print and note that if an impression is damaged, it's the customer's responsibility to file an insurance claim with the shipping company.
Gady Alroy

Have a question that is not listed?

We invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialist.

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