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Fine Art Printing

The price is determined by two factors. On the one hand is the length of the material fed from the roll necessary to complete your job. On the other hand the width of the roll, which is 43 in. The width coincides with the axis upon which the paper is unrolled. If your job can be placed multiple times on the width you can take advantage of it and be charged the same amount as one piece, because it is the same feed length from the roll.

We will make the best possible use of the paper for your job.



File Upload

Once the order is completed, the last step is to upload the file(s). This option will be available through a button that appears upon completion and payment of the order.

File Specifications

This checklist will help you ensure that your files are properly set-up

Resolution for Printing: Make sure ALL your files are set at 400dpi.

Format Tiff, PSD

Size: This means the real world size. The size your file is set up as, will be the size it will be printed. If your file is 6.2 x 9.6 inches, that is the size the printed image will have on paper. If you resize your file from say 6x9 to 12x18 inches, make sure your dpi stays at 400dpi. We don't print with "bleed" or use cutting to resize the print after printing. We always cut straight to the edge of the image unless otherwise requested.

Borders: If you want borders (white space) around your image, please add this yourself. Adding this space will add cost as we charge for the final size of the whole print.

Crop marks: Do NOT add crop marks. We will take care of this on our end.

Color space: AdobeRGB. Keep in mind: If your file is in sRGB, don't bother to change it to Adobe RGB, simply leave it at sRGB. If it is in any other colorspace than sRGB or AdobeRGB, please convert it to AdobeRGB.

CMYK or RGB?: RGB. Our printers only print in RGB and therefore we will need to convert CMYK to RGB which will again change the look of the print slightly.

Convert all fonts to outlines: Fonts are not universal. If you use a font on your computer which we don't have on ours, we will have to convert it to a similar one, which may not be to your liking. Always convert fonts to outlines before uploading.

Cutting: Sometimes if we print your file on a piece of paper that is larger than your file, we leave the extra white space on the page. We find this is useful while transporting and handling the print. If you want this cut off, please instruct us to do so on the File Upload page.

If you want to print many prints on one page and cut them down, you will need to do this yourself. We can cut all these images down ourselves but will incur a 25c per cut fee.

Adjustments: If there are adjustments you need us to make, please let us know in the upload page. We can help you with any of this but there may be a charge incurred. For significant digital work, we charge $150/hr calculated at quarter hour portions.

PLEASE NOTE: The files you upload must be ready to print. If they are in need of adjustments or modifications, this must be indicated when uploaded, even if it was mentioned in previous emails. If files are setup incorrectly resulting in misprints, they can be reprinted but at full cost.

Any questions? Please email us.

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Didn't find the configuration you were looking for? We are happy to provide you with a more custom option.

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