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Graphic Design

Artmedia Studio has established an alliance with Studio Design to provide graphic design services. The starting point for any graphic project is to gather information to satisfy the specific needs and interests of every customer. Consequently, we create in each individual case a particular design with excellent communicational features based on a thoroughly researched language but easily assimilated. Our final goal is to facilitate and optimize your market potential, even globally.

Editorial Design
Web Design

Branding builds a specific, explicit, and graphic solid personality for a brand. Branding is a communicational tool that transmits brand values through a visual concept based on color, typography, and other graphical elements. Branding must reflect the authentic importance that your company or product has: branding is to create meaning; branding is to produce identification. We are very conscious of these principles.

Añil Architecture

Berenblum Busch Architects


yum my

Tanya Brillembourg - Art

dazzle lab



brito medical center


Books have managed to keep their historical importance and characteristics compared to any other technological breakthrough. The ideal concept of the book materializes itself almost exclusively in a physical object. It comprises a certain number of printed pages bounded by two covers.
We understand book design as a professional practice and art tool. We display the book’s content, format, and sequence into an intelligible and beautiful whole, applying innovative solutions to your needs.

Brochures and other products

Brochures, catalogs, booklets, programs, folders, and flyers give valuable information to your customers and introduce them to new products and services with lasting impact.
They are pieces aimed at consolidating your corporate image through communicational strategies. An excellent brochure, for example, is informative, identifying, and promotional: all in one. We design your communicational print products conscious of your need to inform prospective customers or the public in general about the benefits brought by your organization, company, service, or product.

Locust Projects

Cristina Lei

Heroes A Tribute, Doug Meyer

Island in the Light

Sigfredo Chacon


Alberto Cabalieri

Claudia Ammirata

Diego Gutierrez, Hypersensitive Romantic


As the tool that provides the specific personality to a company, product, or institution, branding is the base of any other related graphic project, such as the webpage. Web design should have the flexibility required by a communicational resource that, by purpose and intrinsic conditions, is mobile and periodically updated. Web design should also supply customers with a cohesive, responsive, and accessible interactive experience.  (2019-2021)

Graphic Design

Work with our designers to develop your concepts and visually communicate your company’s message.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Graphic Design?

It depends on what amount of pieces to design and the project’s scope.

What are the fundamentals of the work of a graphic designer?

To understand the philosophy of the company and its customers’ target

To evaluate if the company’s graphic products work efficiently or replace them with new solutions.

What are the benefits of hiring a graphic designer?

A graphic designer helps you develop a cohesive brand image that unifies every element of your brand identity into a consistent visual coherence that potentiates the brand in every medium, both digital and print.

Turnaround Time

Every case is negotiated according to the number of pieces to make.

How would I know that I need to replace my graphic identity?

Time passes and people change, so a company’s graphic design identity can get old. It is the moment for creating a new one. Besides, when a company changes its market strategy or declines its services, it is also an opportunity to do it. But, the most important thing about it is that the graphic identity of a company should be in strict coherence with the self-vision the company has and should be adapted to the changing contemporaneity.

How does editorial design complement branding design?

While branding design constructs a brand’s personality, the editorial design includes printing products that reinforce this personality, such as brochures, catalogs, booklets, programs, folders, and books.
Gady Alroy

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