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Advice for collectors

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Personalized advice for collectors rests on two specific premises. One is the specialized knowledge of art and its history that the advisor should complement with an informed vision of contemporary collecting trends. The other is that the advisor should channel the collector's sensibility, aspirations, and expectations regarding the art.

Personalized Advice

Our personalized advice meets a wide range of collectors' needs and expectations. One group includes specific, particular situations that demand a short-term expert and well-argued criteria for resolving them: the other, more or less long-duration processes with a prolonged interchange of ideas and opinions between the advisor and the collector. Then, we can aide you decide about one specific acquisition or contribute to establishing a collecting strategy.

Assisting a collector in defining the profile of the collection to be developed is one of our credits. Conceiving a plan for acquisition and conservation is, consequently, the next step toward helping the collector to make better decisions and actions. We also collaborate in planning the social promotion of the collection.

Collector Advising

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of advice for collectors?

Advice for collectors has a set of different situations to take into account. Each case of advice has its specific characteristics and problems to resolve. For this reason, the price is negotiated in every case separately.

When can a collector need advice?

The collector can need advice in many different situations. For example, to:

  • Define a collection profile or redefine it
  • Evaluate the composition of a collection to get a professional criterion about a possible purchase or sell
  • Organize the art collection professionally

Can you evaluate my collection?

Yes, but only in artistic terms and depending on determined circumstances.

How often may I request your advising services?

Advising services are provided according to your specific request so that they can be completed in a single working session or displayed in a long-term collecting program.

What are the ways you can help me as a collector?

I can help you in many ways to form and develop a collection according to your budget and artistic interests and also to other aspects related to collecting art.

What is your specialty as an art adviser?

I can advise you in two art specialties:

  • International photography from the beginning to today, and 
  • modern and contemporary art.

Have a question that is not listed?

We invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our specialist.

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