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Advice to ArtistsAdvice to Artists

Advice to artists

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The first step for getting advice is a portfolio review session. It is commonly scheduled for a single occasion and satisfies specific requirements. However, the portfolio review can reveal that the requester needs systematic dialogue with a professional adviser than an eventual one.

Personal advice in photography and visual arts is a professional dialogue to improve your photographic or artistic work in every aspect, from composition to production and in subject and theory. Photography and art should deal with more than just visual issues. They are media for thinking of and commenting on politics, environment, life, or feelings. They are tools for creating visual discourses on different themes or matters.

At Artmedia Studio, we bring personal advice according to your specific needs, goals, and possibilities. If you want to edit a book professionally or aspire to create a profound and vigorous body of work, we can help you with our knowledge and skills. In every situation, the better result in getting advice is always directly related to your commitment to your art production and your readiness to work hard to reach your goals. Schedule an appointment, in Spanish or English.

Advice to Artists

Receive personal advice according to your specific needs, goals, and possibilities.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do sessions of advice to artists cost?

Advice to artists can be understood as a form of coaching. This work doesn't have a specific duration because it depends on the particular coaching work's objectives, contents, and tasks. The artist and the coach decide together the time in their interaction process. An advice session costs $350.00 for two working hours. Additional time until one hour has an additional fee of $175.00.

When would an artist need advice?

An artist needs the advice to resolve, among others, problems related to

  • The conception of a body of work,
  • The definition of the strategies to use in the production of the work,
  • The ideas to display in the statement; and 
  • The organization of the visual discourse.

The coach applies communicational skills and expertise in artistic processes to help the artist develop a specific project.

What is the function of the adviser?

The adviser's function is to display the training resources to help the artist find the solutions needed for advancing.

What kind of preparation do I need to get advice?

The best preparation that you need to have for getting advice is to prepare yourself to adopt cooperative behavior and optimize your interlocution capacity because advising is, first of all, an interactive process between the adviser and the artist.

How long is the advice to the artist?

The period of advising depends on many factors. According to the artist's advancements in reaching the advising objectives, the artist and the adviser decide how to extend the advising process together.

What are the benefits of the advice?

The advice benefits are improving the artist's working process and the conceptual and practical skills related to it. But, the most important could be that the advice has concrete and determining goals for the artist to arrive successfully at the end of a creative project.

Have a question that is not listed?

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